Toshiba MG series - seeking feedback

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I have to purchase at a minimum two additional 8TB drives for my 1st unraid setup.

In the past I bought 2x 6TB and 2x 8TB WD Gold drives - mainly because of feedback and reputation as well as my experience with drives from their Black series prior.


Looking around now, I find that (on paper) the Toshiba MG drive series pretty appealing.

Their price point is also competitive - 8TB: Toshi $187 vs WD Gold $240ish.

Toshiba's  market share is small compared to WD and Seagate.

There is feedback but I maybe some from this community here can chime in - hopefully with positives.

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Since nearly a year I'm running TOSHIBA MG07ACA12TE (12 TB) drives in my arrays. Since over 3 years I'm running TOSHIBA HDWE160 (6 TB) as data drives. Never had a problem with Toshibas til now (knock on wood).


Had some problems with WDC WD60EFRX (6 TB) in the past.


Really long time runners in my arrays are these old ones: HGST HUS724020AL (2 TB). Really good stuff.


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