ARGH.. something has gone horribly wrong..

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I installed a new 8TB drive...
Parity rebuilt...


I was looking at shares and their were a bunch missing... 


I was loading the drive (with unbalance)  and get a warning that parity 1 is in error state, then parity 2 in in error state... then 3 of the 15 drives in the array are offline...

then parity 1 and parity 2 return.. but the 3 drives don't...


I cancel the unbalance..


I shut down the array

and I reboot....


All sorts of issues with USB not responding.. and and ident cfg file it can't see... 


I will reboot and capture the screens... 


I have 28TB of data on the array...  The drives were not showing any errors beforehand.. well nothing serious anyways a couple of old raw read errors (bad cables) and 1 drive had a UDMA error that was years old.. I suspect was a power fluctuation.. 



hopefully I'm not totally screwed..


rebooting now takes me to network boot.. so I think the USB..

I replaced it a about 2 months ago...  so that is a problem
I wonder the if  MB is dying..  maybe it's time to pull the trigger on a new MB/CPU and memory... suggestions for a cheap combo.. (I'm in Canada so not everything is easy to get!)



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If possible before rebooting and preferably with the array started
Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post in this thread.

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the MB only has USB3 ports...  I can read the config off the old key.. tried a new key and it works (but I will need to get a registration key I got one 2 months ago) ... I will try and rebuild the old USB stick and see if I can get it to boot..


The BIOS was totally messed up..  


The old USB key is totally messed up... when installed it gets right hot (in seconds) and the system locks up when trying to access it... So I'm going to guess it's done.. I will wait for support to get back to me about a new registration key


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OK we are running again I think... I built a new key and got it to boot... License key has been installed and the parity it rebuilding... when it finishes.. I will continue with the drive swaps... and hey my new cache drives (Kingston A400 480Gb have arrived) so I can get them in too...

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