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  1. Guess it's time to update my signature too...
  2. I have a feeling I'm using the cache drives wrong.. (because I seem to be killing them) I thought I read that domains, appdata and isos should be on the cache.. But my VM's are just killing the cache drives.. I would assume that static stuff is what should be on the cache.. Thanks
  3. Thank you.. Now how the heck did that happen... Parity has another hour to go... I will change that when It's done... Is that why my Downloads share keeps going AWOL?
  4. Missing in the gui.. but it was configured there is a .cfg file and it showed when I rebooted.. I've included Diags And then I have things like this... I have 2 shows... One group in the share and the other doesn't. How do I get Show_001 to show on the shares (user/user0) root@BWSi7:/mnt# ls -l /mnt/*/Files/Listings_* /mnt/disk1/Files/Listings_001: total 8 drwxrwxrwx 2 nobody users 4096 Jul 11 2020 Season_01/ -rw-rw-rw- 1 nobody users 3067 Apr 16 2020 tvshow.nfo /mnt/disk4/Files/Listings_002: total 4 drwxrwxrwx 2 nobody users 252 Apr 16 2020 Seaso
  5. All in the same rosewill cage.. interesting... I guess I will move one of the parity drives to the other cage.. and will check on the power situation... I have power available that I didn't before.. wonder if I have a Y on that. Would also be on the same block of SAS cables to the adapter
  6. Wish I could. But server also shut itself down
  7. OK we are running again I think... I built a new key and got it to boot... License key has been installed and the parity it rebuilding... when it finishes.. I will continue with the drive swaps... and hey my new cache drives (Kingston A400 480Gb have arrived) so I can get them in too...
  8. the MB only has USB3 ports... I can read the config off the old key.. tried a new key and it works (but I will need to get a registration key I got one 2 months ago) ... I will try and rebuild the old USB stick and see if I can get it to boot.. The BIOS was totally messed up.. The old USB key is totally messed up... when installed it gets right hot (in seconds) and the system locks up when trying to access it... So I'm going to guess it's done.. I will wait for support to get back to me about a new registration key
  9. Latest update the key appears to be OK.. so I'm guessing it's something on the MB.. I will tear into in and it's config in a bit..
  10. sorry I updated the notes.. (I had rebooted and it's sorta hosed) I will start troubleshooting the box
  11. Likely already know the answer.. but can I run multiple instances of unbalance.. I have just installed a couple 8TB drives... I'm going to retire a number of 2 and 3 TB drives... ( I think at coming up 8 years and 90K hours some of them have been spinning long enough)
  12. So the power went out yesterday.. the UPS apparently was not big enough for the outage and the server crashed... When I tried to restart the server I got the ill fated kernel panic VFS sync issue... I tried editing the syslinux. cfg and now I get no boot drive.. I will look at it ensure windows didn't destroy the file (with bad line terminations.. So how do I create a new boot USB and copy over my config.. becuase I have 13 drives in the array...