ChunkSync 0.4 Slackware Package

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I liked to test ChunkSync to create incremental backups of huge image files, but sadly there was no slackware package for Unraid available. Finally I tried to convert the deb package with deb2tgz, but altough it installed without errors it returned only the following (because its a 32 bit version I think):

chunksync -h
-bash: /usr/bin/chunksync: No such file or directory

So I tried to create my very first slackware package by using a source 😱


I found a manual and after several errors I found out that I first needed to install all unraid dev tools.


I skipped the first step as the package did not contain a configure shell script. Then I had to create manually some folders, moved all files from /tmp/build/usr/local to /tmp/build/usr (so chunksync will be installed in /usr/bin) and finally build the package with this command:

makepkg -l y -c y ../chunksync-0.4-x86_64.tgz

And hey, it seems to work ^^


Maybe someone else needs it, so I attached it to this post.


Using chunksync is simple, first shutdown a VM and then execute it as follows (change path of course):

chunksync 104857600 "/mnt/user/domains/W10 Vanilla/vdisk1.img" "/mnt/user/Backup/domains/W10 Vanilla/vdisk1.img"

By that it will created the chunks in a really deep dir structure like this:

/mnt/disk9/Backup/domains/W10 Vanilla/vdisk1.img/00/00/00/00/00/00/01/0d (100 MiB)





The incremental backup needs an additional flag with the path to the last backup:

chunksync -l "/mnt/user/Backup/domains/W10 Vanilla/vdisk1.img" 104857600 "/mnt/user/domains/W10 Vanilla/vdisk1.img" "/mnt/user/Backup/domains/W10 Vanilla/2/vdisk1.img"


Rebuilding could be done through unchunkfs or cat.


My plan is to include chunksync in my incremental rsync script for huge files.


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