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Gridcoin is an open source cryptocurrency (Ticker: GRC) which securely rewards volunteer computing performed on the BOINC platform.



Via this docker you can access your wallet via VNC or NoVNC.

More info about the docker container:



Remember to backup your wallet and conf from time to time!


If you would like to start earning Gridcoins by crunching BOINC, I would advice to use the pool rather than solo crunch. (see instructions from gridcoin.us)

If you own a chunk of gridcoins then you can also solo crunch just fine.


You can install separate BOINC container to use with this container.


Gridcoin blockchain is around ~4GB, so the wallet needs to sync the whole blockchain in order to work.

You can find "Snapshot Download" in the wallet which dowloads most of the blockchain and speeds up syncing a lot.


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How to setup BOINC for POOL crunching with this container:

Just follow the detailed pool crunching instructions in https://gridcoin.us/

You don't need to specify BOINC DATA DIR with pool crunching.


How to setup BOINC for SOLO crunching with this container:

You can install separate BOINC container (if not using already) and specify BOINC DATA DIR to Gridcoin container (XML just updated to include boinc data dir location). If you don't have BOINC DATA DIR in your container options you can manually add it yourself)


Point Host Path to correct location.



You can then press the "beacon" button in the Gridcoin wallet and do the steps needed for solo crunching.

Follow solo crunching guide in https://gridcoin.us/ for more detailed instructions.

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