Unable to communicate with unRAID on primary interface

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I have 8 interfaces for my unRAID server, almost all of which are assigned.

I just recently added a dual SFP+ NIC for 10Gb networking and bonded them (bond6) using 802.3ad (and configured the switch accordingly.)

My primary IP is For temporary testing, I set the bond6 to have an IP on the subnet, but being .51 (switch is set to native VLAN 220), enabled VLANs and assigned vlan 221, and assigned it the IP of

Earlier, I was able to get to the server using both 220.50 and 221.50 but not 220.51. i ignored it as it was only a temporary assignment until I had the time to switch the primary IP over to the fiber LAG.

I was having an issue with the unRAID logs being full (6.8.3 nginx memory bug) and I rebooted... Now, I can only connect to the server using the 221.50 IP. I need the server to be dual-homed on both VLANs for latency/bottleneck reasons.

I'm not sure what's going on.. I thought it could be that two interfaces shared an IP on the same subnet, so I set the bond6 220 config to have no IP and nothing changed..


Any ideas? Attached is my network settings.



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