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  1. There's gotta be something we can do, as now that my transcode cache is set to /tmp, the size hasn't changed at all, not even during even bigger batches. I just don't know enough to look at... Thank you though! Hopefully someone else will come across this thread and help us out.
  2. Yup! Name Container Writable Log --------------------------------------------------------------------- tdarr_aio 7.68 GB 395 kB 5.24 MB binhex-krusader 1.92 GB 35.1 MB 13.0 kB Shinobi 1.05 GB 93.2 MB 540 kB unmanic 567 MB 304 kB 5.72 kB HandBrake 424 MB 0 B 23.4 MB QDirStat 251 MB 0 B 23.4 MB OpenSpeedTest 54.1 MB 2 B 928 B mergerfs-static-build 5.58 MB 0 B 23.4 MB I knew tdarr_aio was the issue, I just don't know how to clean it up. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for those steps! Any idea how to shrink the docker.img file though?
  4. I did not specify a directory, I'm assuming that's part of my issue, and why the file size shrunk a little bit after the batch was completed. Where should that be pointed to? I'd love to have cache just go to RAM, as I have PLENTY of RAM, but am strapped for storage on my cache drive pool (for now). I've read increasing the docker size is against best practices, is that correct? I can do it for now, but I'd rather figure out why this docker container keeps going crazy. That explanation makes sense though, as I'm actually a VM admin for the company I work for. So that setting just sets the largest amount the dynamically expanding "disk" can grow to. So thank you for explaining and making a comparison!
  5. I started a rather large batch of transcodes, and unRAID is now complaining about 98% usage of Docker. I'm VERY new to Docker so I barely know where to start. But, reading other posts on here, I know at least to run these commands. And below is my Docker config screen. It looks like everything is mounted to the array, so I'm confused. I did hop into the command line of the docker and found ~/Tdarr/bundle/programs/server had cache transcodes inside it. After the batch completed and those files were gone, the docker.img file did not shrink by much (99% to 86%) Not sure where to go from here... du -h -d 1 /var/lib/docker/ 160K /var/lib/docker/containerd 3.5M /var/lib/docker/containers 0 /var/lib/docker/plugins 222G /var/lib/docker/btrfs 31M /var/lib/docker/image 44K /var/lib/docker/volumes 0 /var/lib/docker/trust 56K /var/lib/docker/network 0 /var/lib/docker/swarm 16K /var/lib/docker/builder 56K /var/lib/docker/buildkit 100K /var/lib/docker/unraid 0 /var/lib/docker/tmp 0 /var/lib/docker/runtimes 222G /var/lib/docker/ docker ps -s CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES SIZE 8ecb4d32c731 haveagitgat/tdarr_aio "/bin/sh -c 'sudo se…" 3 days ago Up 3 days>8265/tcp tdarr_aio 2.49GB (virtual 10.2GB) 6a79c033ca82 openspeedtest/latest "/docker-entrypoint.…" 3 days ago Up 3 days 3000/tcp,>8080/tcp OpenSpeedTest 2B (virtual 54.1MB) b31f010c9faf binhex/arch-krusader "/usr/bin/tini -- /b…" 2 weeks ago Up 2 weeks 5900/tcp,>6080/tcp binhex-krusader 35.1MB (virtual 1.92GB) du -sh /mnt/user/system/docker/ 20G /mnt/user/system/docker/
  6. I'm also having this happen. Proxmox has no issues using NFS on unRAID, and I'm able to boot up, migrate VMs to/from unRAID storage, etc without any issues. The only thing I'm having is my syslog filling up with these rpcbind messages ever second.
  7. Those are my Proxmox nodes binding, which should be NFS. The nodes weren't happy I rebooted the NAS on them..
  8. Attached is the diag zip. However, it's now not throwing those errors. I figure it's just a matter of time though? I'm working on setting up a syslog server, but haven't had the time yet. nas-diagnostics-20200730-1144.zip
  9. I tried to gather it, but the page just hangs. I also don't have the CPU stats populated (all cores show 0%). I think this happened last time I manually deleted the syslog files. I use Chrome.
  10. I experienced my unRAID log file running completely full a few weeks ago, and I cleared it by deleting syslog* from /var/log/, but I didn't think twice about it. Now, It's full again, and I'm looking at it.. I'm getting spammed by these messages every second that I don't understand in the slightest: Jul 21 04:40:20 NAS nginx: 2020/07/21 04:40:20 [crit] 22193#22193: ngx_slab_alloc() failed: no memory Jul 21 04:40:20 NAS nginx: 2020/07/21 04:40:20 [error] 22193#22193: shpool alloc failed Jul 21 04:40:20 NAS nginx: 2020/07/21 04:40:20 [error] 22193#22193: nchan: Out of shared memory while allocating message of size 6775. Increase nchan_max_reserved_memory. Jul 21 04:40:20 NAS nginx: 2020/07/21 04:40:20 [error] 22193#22193: *14271051 nchan: error publishing message (HTTP status code 500), client: unix:, server: , request: "POST /pub/disks?buffer_length=1 HTTP/1.1", host: "localhost" Jul 21 04:40:20 NAS nginx: 2020/07/21 04:40:20 [error] 22193#22193: MEMSTORE:00: can't create shared message for channel /disks Anyone have any advice on where to even start?
  11. Did you ever figure this out? I have my IoT devices on one subnet while computers are on another. It's great for security, but I can't AirPlay because of it..
  12. Any idea how to make the mergerFS file to stay persistently in /bin/ after a reboot? I make the file in /mnt/user/share/name and copy it to /bin, but after a reboot, it's gone from /bin, but survived inside /mnt/user/share/name... Also, anyone have any idea on how to make it readable from an NFS Client (Proxmox)? noforget and use_ino doesn't allow it..
  13. I haven't really found any straight documentation on how to properly set up NFS permissions... I'm trying to have an entire subnet be able to have rw to a share, and then sprinkle in some other IPs. Right now, I'm working within the Unassigned Devices plugin, but will eventually expand this to normal shares. I've been able to get multiple single IPs to work properly, but I found there's a limit to how many characters. This is what I'm trying, but a device with the IP of is unable to mount, while the is. Both are Proxmox servers, and I'm trying to mount them the same way. What's the proper way?
  14. I also have the same issue with clicking "Apply" when either enabling or disabling VM manager. Did anyone ever submit a bug report for 6.8 for that?
  15. Oh hahaha, yea I can see how that would be confusing. And that works haha. I'll keep that in mind incase something else happens during my adventures of reconnecting everything to new subnets lol. Next up - Proxmox cluster nodes.. This'll be fun...