Help with my Seedbox / Sonarr / Syncthing setup


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Hello guys,


I wanted to see if anyone knows what I am I doing wrong here. My setup


I have seedbox running the following:

Sonarr - linking to rTorrent

rTorrent - downloading and placing is /series/ folder on seedbox

Syncthing - scanning /series/ folder on seedbox and sending to server only. (send only setting set)


I have my server running the following:

Syncthing - downloading /series/ folders from seedbox and receiving only. (receive only setting set)

Plex - Scanning /series/ folder


I am running into an issue that deleting folders (to make room in my seedbox) from the seedbox /series/ folder deletes the items on my server, then obviously items aren't showing up on my Plex.


I looked through all setting on syncthing, and cannot find any setting that disables removals. Need help here? Anyone have this issue or knows what I am doing wrong here?


Any help is appreciated in advance.

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You need to move the downloaded files to a new location before deleting them from the seedbox.   Think of the settings -- receive only --- you delete a file from the seedbox and that change is received also.


You should think of Syncthing as an intermediate handler and not as a final destination.  Download to a temporary location and then move the files out to their permanent residence.  This can be handled by Sonarr/Radarr, not sure about Plex.

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@up that's what I have setup, this work really good, but then i have to check what Sonarr/Radarr imported, then i can delete it on seedbox manually... I'm looking for script or tool for rTorrent/Syncthing which will delete files on seedbox after successful import to Radarr/Sonarr



I think it's better to use Deluge in this case, i will test it later



Soo i recommend Transmission (Deluge have crashing problem), everything works great!

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Hey there, I am a bit confused.

I set up the data root on syncthing on /mnt/cache/data

And whenever the mover kicks in, and moves it to the /mnt/disk1/data the syncthing is getting out of sync and misses its .stfolder. what would be the best way to set it up so it either rebuilds it or makes sure the parent dir won't get removed when the mover kicks? Should I change my Shares structure and move only the content of the data folder? Or there's a better way of doing that.


Also, most of the places I've read using the seedbox's syncthing as "send only" and the unraid as "receive only" but again, when the mover will do its thing, the folder will get out of sync. Should I set it up as send & receive in both unraid and seedbox?

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