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So I just downloaded the OS and I want to run plex.

This server is running on very low HDD space (2x2 tib) and I will expand it in the future. Main storage is on a FREENAS (now TrueNAS) box I setup a while back and has most of my media files. Is it possible to access those files from the FreeNAS box? I have SMB/cif/NFS enabled, but I couldn't find the share in "MAIN> Unassigned devices". Obviously till I can add the share to UNRAID, I won't be able to browse to the files in Plex. Any help would be appreciated.

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2 hours ago, Squid said:

Mount the FreeNAS shares via the Unassigned Devices plugin, then add the appropriate path mappings to the Plex template, then add it to your library

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply.

Step 1 completed.

Under settings, I've checked Automount and share

and script file /boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/ has been auto generated.

So now I went and added a "PATH" under PLEX docker settings (check attached image)

Basically from my understanding (and I guess I'm wrong)

Container path should be same path as the other media folder

Host Path I selected the share

default value should be same as the host path?


I know, I'm a n00b, sorry.


additional info

I was hoping the FreeNAS media files would be under /media but I am wrong. Also the boot folder appears empty in the plex GUI.


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additional info
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  • 2 weeks later...

@Squidthanks once again. Now I'm able to run everything from my TrueNAS box. Also I recently realized you're the person who gave us community apps and number of user plugins. Thanks a lot for all your hard work. (I know you might have gotten tired of it) but still, you deserve it.

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