xmrig running - hacked or open?

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I noticed CPU activity at 100% this morning and "xmrig" was running.  A quick search and there are a couple of other threads of this happening to others who have opened some of their ports.


I've had reverse proxy set up for a good while but I don't think I have any ports open directly to the server.


I've attached my diagnosis file if anyone can see anything suspicious that would be much appreciated.




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    1    HTTP               80        85
    2    Letsencrypt    443        448
    3    Usenet            8888    8888
    4    Wireguard        51820    51820


These are the port forwarding rules I have.


The miner was running under the user "nobody" which I use for applications.

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That's the full list. 


1&2 - Letsencrypt

3 - Sabnzbd

4 - Deluge

5 - Another torrent docker I dont use anymore

6 - Wireguard


I've since deleted the torrent entries.  Does leaving a FWD entry to a port that isnt in use on the internal side create a security risk?

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20 hours ago, upthetoon said:

Just to update, I think this has originated from a malicious Deluge plugin.


-rw-rw-rw- 1 nobody users 22041 Dec 27 17:45 booster-0.2-py2.7.egg


Did you have webui enabled?

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3 hours ago, Michael_P said:


Did you have webui enabled?

I think an old port fwd rule I had in exposed it. I was using a weak password on the deluge front end too. 

I’ve since removed the forwarding rule and changed to a more complex password too. 

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