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Guys, swapping out my SM X8SIA-F board for a X10DRi-LN4 as it's just too long in the tooth now for my purpose, unraid has moved on. Question is ... which cpu! My choice is between the E2650 or the lower powered E2650L?? Anyone using either cpu, I"m guessing yes, and which would be the better of the two? Or can you suggest another cpu for this dual board which is a step if for me for the next couple of years. Thanks!

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To answer my own question ( i hate seeing unanswered questions or no follow ups) ... i settled on a pair of Xeon E5-2883v4 cpus,  16 cores x 2, not under or overpowered at 120w so i reckon that's a good start for my next couple of years.

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