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Unraid GUI wont load for around 20 Minutes if i have auto disk startup enabled (Unraid version: 6.9.1 (2021-03-08))

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Im on Unraid version: 6.9.1 (2021-03-08)


Bit of an odd one


So i changed cases for my Unraid build today so its all the same hardware but suddenly now if i toggle "auto start" in the disk settings then unraid boots but i cant access the webgui for around 20-45 minutes. I know its online because i can access plex locally and pi-hole is working.

I know its 100% this causing the issue because


  • Test 1: i unplugged my drives booted and the webgui loaded instantly and then i selected new config and put the drives back in and started the array to see if it started and even rebooted and upon reboot the webgui loads instantly
  • Test 2: when i had booted from the previous test i enabled "auto start" after i had already booted and then rebooted once again and once again the webgui didnt work (waited around 10 minutes) and i then powered off the machine, unplugged my drives it booted and loaded the WebGui instantly and i did new config and reassigned the drives and rebooted and since new config disables auto start it loaded instantly


So as listed above new config has auto-start disabled by default so thats why it works when the array cant start or a disk is missing to fully start them all


i repeated this 2 more times and same results. Strange how it was working before and now that i rebuilt it in a different case its not working the same? i did quickly insert the usb into windows to copy all the files as a backup incase the USB ever dies but not sure if that would have caused it?


Any and all help is much appreciated thank you


Also i had auto-start enabled prior to moving the hardware into a new case and had no issues

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There appears to be a roughly 5 minute gap in the log which finishes with

ar 30 15:52:42 Unraid unassigned.devices: Cannot 'Auto Mount' Remote Shares.  Network not available!

It might be worth disabling that auto mount to see if that is the problem?    If it is then at least we know in what area the problem lies.

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3 hours ago, NathanD223 said:

and again 8 minutes later i can connect haha

Probably worth posting new diagnostics to see if there is the same 5 minute gap?   Interesting that the original UD message I posted mentioned the network not being available - any idea what might be behind that?

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