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bit more complex rsnapshot than by plugin

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Hi, I am used to backup "Data" to different rotating backups. Since I moved to unraid a month ago now I am aiming on automating this on unraid instead putting the backup hdd in my work pc and initiate backup script (calling different rsnapshot configs) and wait for the backups to run.


The (otherwise fine) rsnypshot docker definetly does not cover my scenario ( https://forums.unraid.net/topic/97258-support-linuxserverio-rsnapshot/ ).


On the input side I run different rsnapshot.config(s). Each of them used in different intervals, like:

  • data (install, files, pictures)
  • media (rarely changes so this one is done about every two month)
  • serverdata (results of appData backup, unRAID VM Backup script and other archives) - this one doesen't contain so much differential data, so not the ideal candidate for rsnapshot, but for now part of this construct


The output writes to rotating and different sized disks:

Each rsnapshot.conf (i.e. rsnapshot-data.conf) looks for a target directory - exisiting or not on a mounted backup medium. If there is no target for "rsnapshot-media" the script will skip and the next, i.e. rsnapshot-media.config tries to find its directories:


snapshot_root   /mnt/disks/red8/rsnap-media/
no_create_root  1


Some disks are contain one or more of the above rsnapshot targets directories  and the disks are mounted to the unraid server.


Problem 1: "Unassigned devices" lets me mount disks, but creates for each attached disk (in my case never more than one disk at a time) a different (target) directory, based on the name of the disk. How can I mount changing disks (being attached to the same /dev/sdd ) to a same mount directory? (I could give all disks the same name, but this wouldn't be a nice solution).


Problem 2: Since the plugin "User Scripts" does not work for the rsnapshots (they don't run through, even not using a background process) so I don't bother why and prefer running the rsnapshots using cron jobs.

So I put the configs into /boot/custom/etc, but I can not make the script itself executable. As I understand this would be a place where such self- introduced extensions would last for updates of unraid ? What do I have to comply with?


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Heyyo, did you ever find a solution here?


I have a similar use case, I have a single hot-swap bay that I want to use to rotate two different backup disks periodically, keeping one actively backing up, and another off-site in cold storage. 


I looked at the linuxserver/rsnapshot docker, but like you said, it looks like that needs to be configured to a single mount point. So I would either somehow need to duplicate the container and have an instance for each disk, or reconfigure the container each time I swap disks?


Ideally I'd be able to just swap the disks and have rsnapshot automatically pick up where it left off making incremental backups to that disk, but I'm not certain how to achieve this.



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