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[6.9.1] CentOS VM No Longer Booting

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Hello! I have a VM that's giving me some trouble. The issue started after an unclean shutdown. When starting the VM, I can get to grub just fine - but after the CentOS grub I just get a solid underscore on a black screen. I can also see that one of the unraid hosts CPU cores is stuck at 100% usage when this occurs.


Any suggestions for getting this VM working again? Thanks!

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On 4/7/2021 at 4:47 AM, Leandres said:

I have the exact same problem after updating to. 6.9.1.


My Ubuntu VMs start but all the CentOS VMs stuck with a blank screen after grub. 


This is an issue. 


Interesting, I thought my problem was related more so to the unclean shutdown - but I did do the update to  6.9.1 during all of that as well.

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Doing some troubleshooting, I created a new VM with just a live boot of CentOS 7 attached to the VM and it too would not boot past the underscore. I suppose this rules out my VM being the issue and this more so looks like an Unraid / KVM issue.

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