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Wi-fi possible? Intel AX200 PCIe wi-fi 6

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I know what I'm about to say isn't preferential!! But my circumstances are the reason for this post.


Just started unRAID (currently going through the HDDs, Parity setup). I'm not planning on VMs or anything fancy like that yet.


I've temp moved one of my mesh network nodes to the room the unRAID server is located so I can connect via gigabit ethernet for the setup. I do not want the mesh node in there permanently.


My server has a Intel AX200 PCIe Wi-fi 6 PCIe card in. Says it supports Linux Kernel 5.1+.


Once I've done the setup, is there a way I can have my unRAID connect to my network via Wi-fi instead of gigabit ethernet? If so, how please?


Running a cable all the way to where the unRAID server is located is a massive, massive pain and the mesb node being there isn't beneficial to me.


Many thanks

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