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The Mover Feature - Pool to Pool

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(I apologize if there's already a large thread on this)


With 6.9 out, I've started my long planned project to move my array to a "hdd" pool (hdd is just the name I gave it) in Unraid while still also have an nvme pool (cache pool). With having basically no array, the mover is something I can't use since it's tied to just move between the array and a "pool" of your choice. However, it's something I'll need since I want files to drop into the nvme pool by default and move to the hdd pool as the nvme pool fills up. Is there any plans officially or anyone know if a community plug-in is in the works that would allow the The Mover to be used to move files between two pools?


I think if officially supported the share settings would look like this:


Use mover on share: (No, Yes, Only, Prefer)

Select where new files are placed (array or pool): (List of pools + the array; Replacement for the "Select cache pool" option)

Select where files are moved to (array or pool): (List of pools + the array minus the selection from above; Not used when set to "Only")


Then the script modified to use these values. I don't think it should take much modification, but I have no idea how complex or large the mover script it. Also, modifying the mover script may be something Unraid doesn't want to do since it's pretty mature at this point.

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