Low power NAS, LattePanda Delta maybe?

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I started wondering because i have my main server at home, and will be dropping of my server at the parents house and build a new for the new home.


But then i started wondering because i want low power, if it would be possible to use something like a LattePanda Delta for that?

Or should i just buy a Pi with OMV, build a low power i5 10400f build or something similar?


I will only be using it for storage server, 4-5 dockers or similar.

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My current build uses an Asrock j5040 mobo, with 3 x 8tb WD whites and a 500gb WD red SA500 cache drive.


I run 10 dockers, no VM’s, running max 3 concurrent Plex streams.


No 4K, only 1080p with any external transcoding at 720p 4mbps.


Draws about 15 watts from the wall when idle.


I sometimes think I miss the power of my old build, 4c/8t Xeon with a P400, but the reality is I don’t and the electricity bill is minuscule in comparison.


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