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Best Intel Mainstream CPU for unRAID, more Cores vs Higher SC?

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Guys, what will be the ultimate/best choice mainstream CPU + iGPU for unRAID ?

Which CPU function used for Parity calculation? AVX? AES? FPU? or the more cores the better?

[Please no AMD, I have z490 board]


This is what i currently have for my unRAID, i only need to get a new PC case: i have z490 board and 10700K + 16GB RAM + 512GB M.2 SSD [ for cache] + 2TB Samsung SATA SSD [for cache] + sas card with 8 sata + aquantia 10G lan card.

I wont have any VM's, it will be used for storage only but with docklets or whatever its called? like Bittorent, Piehole, vthings like this and video streaming will be native, no re-encoding.

But the system will be used as Backup PC too, ill have windows 10 installed on disabled SATA SSD and when i need it ill just plug it in and take out the unRAID USB drive.


My options are for same price:

Intel 10850K 10C/20T

Intel 11700K that has AVX 512, DLboost, and higher single core performance, faster AES, 7zip, RAR performance, in all reviews in NON gaming benchmarks it usually beats 10 core 10900K, also it has a MUCH improved iGPU, almost 40% faster and has better video encoding

So i wonder which one to get, more cores or faster single core and new technologies?


I kinda lean towards 11700K, mostly because of the iGPU and because in non gaming benchmarks.

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On 4/9/2021 at 3:26 AM, Hexenhammer said:

Which CPU function used for Parity calculation?

For Dual-Parity AVX2

But i don´t really understand your question...

You asked for new Hardware and then you tell us, you already have a s1200 plattform... i am confused...

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