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  1. Hello, Any idea if this card supports trim? I have the H220 version and it doesnt and I want to upgrade. Thanks
  2. Guys, what will be the ultimate/best choice mainstream CPU + iGPU for unRAID ? Which CPU function used for Parity calculation? AVX? AES? FPU? or the more cores the better? [Please no AMD, I have z490 board] This is what i currently have for my unRAID, i only need to get a new PC case: i have z490 board and 10700K + 16GB RAM + 512GB M.2 SSD [ for cache] + 2TB Samsung SATA SSD [for cache] + sas card with 8 sata + aquantia 10G lan card. I wont have any VM's, it will be used for storage only but with docklets or whatever its called? like Bittorent, Piehole, vthings like
  3. ROG Zenith II Extreme has 16 Infineon TDA21472 70A power stages. ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha has 16 Infineon TDA21490 90A power stages. They dont use doublers. Both Extreme and Alpha use ASUS Teamed Stage Design
  4. SX10 is the one with 2 10G ports and the rest 1G, why not Netgear MS510TX, its 209$ on amazon and has 6 MultiGig ports at different speeds and 2 at 10G
  5. Im building NAS unRAID and im also in process of building new workstation. i need unRAID for the "NAS" PC for the storage. But on my workstation, I don't need it for storage [I only got SSDs for on it], I want to use unRAID to install 2-3 OSes and have them as option to boot, run them one OS at time, so they can see all the hardware that I have, all CPU core, all USB ports, one GPU, not like regualr VM's. So I assumed maybe its possible to install unRAID Pro license on my workstation and use it for both PC's. Maybe on the second PC another unRAID will run but not ful
  6. Hi, Is this even possible? I rather not buy 2 licenses and have the unRAID installed on my Workstation but the disk array on separate PC.
  7. Hi, Any idea if this card supported? Aquantia AQtion 5G AQN-108 / AQC-108
  8. Hello, So i have this question that I assume many people ask, I want to get cheap used Mellanox 10G cards and connect my win10 to unRAID that im building [all parts ordered except Mellanox cards]. The problem is of course like this: both the unRAID and PC will be connected to Switch or Router with 1G cards, but between them they will be connected with 10G. So how do I make them "talk to each other" trough 10GbE instead of routing trough the 1G and the router? Is this even possible or im out of my mind? P.S. The cards in question are [Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT cards,
  9. 8 phase VRM is old, do you need 10gbps USB ports? In future you can add more stuff, ASUS boards for example has x9 10GBPS ports and 16 phase VRM This video compares all TRX40 boards VRMs and a little bit of their features, almost 40 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT41-TdvF4c Here is a an article just lays out all prices and features. https://www.pcmag.com/news/first-look-all-the-amd-trx40-motherboards-for-third-gen-threadripper#1
  10. Are you sure that 5G Aquantia doesn't work? It has same manufacturer support like 10G card, linux drivers and all, everything is available. I already own this card and my plan is to use it until i get 10G later if needed, since 5G will do 500MB/s and at best ill use SATA cache SSD it might be enough for my need, or if i find a deal for 10G card
  11. Maybe its your PCIe slot? Gen 2.0?
  12. 1) Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4S, 100$ to 130$ on amazon, 4Port 10GbE SFP+, but if you already using copper, you'll have to pay on top 40-50$ per port for SFP+ to copper adapters 2) Mikrotik CSS326-24G-2S+RM, 144$, 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch with two SFP+ 10GbE ports https://www.amazon.com/Mikrotik-CSS326-24G-2S-RM-Gigabit-Ethernet/dp/B0723DT6MN 3) 160$ QNAP QSW-308-1C that has x8 1G ports, x2 10GbE ports + 1 Combo 10GbE port: SFP + or copper [you use either one, not both] https://www.amazon.com/QNAP-QSW-308-1C-Switch-Gigabit-Unmanaged/dp/B07VC9T3WQ
  13. Sorry to replay in 2020, but how did you upload so much to GDRIVE if they charge insane fees when you got above 1Tb? Is there some sort of deal? Unlimited?
  14. Thats Horrible board, when i had to choose my TR3 mobo i watched every video, especially VRM disassembly and going deep on this issue. ASROCK TR3 boards, all of them should be ignored, get ANY ASUS, ANY Gigabyte or MSI Creator [below creator MSI board are trash and basic] I went with ASUS Zenith II, but the one below it also worth it and excellent, if you need 10G Etherent, its 80$ to 100$ extra even if mobo doesn't have it, its not worth buying something youll hate later, my Zenith II has 10G, but I also have PCIe 5G cards I got for 40$ and 10G can be found for 80 to 100 easily and