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Anyway to add SSD cache to ZFS pool? or ZFS Pool to Array?

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Im confused about ZFS implementation.

It only let us create arrays as pools/cache and thats it?

Is there anyway to add an SSD to such pool for cache?

Or create a ZFS RAIDZ and add it to unraid array? and then use normal ssd cache like we used to?


My plan is to migrate my array into ZFS for speed, create 3 RAIDz arrays, each 3+1, and speed them up with SSDs, either old style like we used with unraid or i heard that ZFS has a function to add ssd cache, but i cant find any info how its done on unraid



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7 hours ago, JorgeB said:

zfs has no cache function for write acceleration, cache vdev is for L2 ARC, you can read more about all the zfs vdevs types here, all can be used with Unraid, though for now they must be added manually.


The option i need is this one?


  - add a striped cache vdev

zpool add tank -f cache /dev/sdv1 /dev/sdw1


Which of the /dev/ is the path to SSD and which is the path to RADIZ1 pool?


So this will add one SSD to the RADIZ1 pool?



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