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Unraid array size not updating in SMB share on windows client

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Hello, I have my unraid box running a fileserver over a 10GbE line to the back of my desktop and have had it doing so successfully for almost 2 years. I recently added 4TB to my 16TB array as I was running out of space, only to find that my capacity upgrade has not been reflected on my windows desktop. I have tried:

1. Restarting both devices

2. Mounting and unmounting my mapped network drive, and restarting windows explorer during the interim

3. Changing the share letter from the original to an alternative one in an attempt to have windows treat it as a new device


It is worth noting that even after all these troubleshooting steps have been taken, the device still shows up under the same network location name, even though it has been reset or changed to a different letter. I am thinking this failure to update storage space is reflected in windows being unable to recognize the device has changed, though I am at a loss for next steps to take. Thank you.




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