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Troubles with flashing 9260-8i card

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Recently I got 4TB SAS drive for free but I didn't have SAS controller. So log story short I ended up with BM M5015 Megaraid 9260-8i from Amazon. It was detecting the drive but I've tried a hundred methods (webbios, megacli, storcli, MSM) to create VD generally with no success. So the next idea was to cross flash it to something with IT mode. So I wrote 256 byte sbrempty.bin and cleared flash with megarec (both with success status but with warning about io base address high but I failed with the next step which is flashing new firmware with sas2flash.esi (version 5, 15, 20). Neither version of sas2flash is not detecting the adapter (megarec still does) so I cant flash anything to it. What should I do next?

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