Keep receiving array status email notification

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Since I upgraded to unraid 6.9, I received a notification email every day, with array healt report [PASS]

In the notification tabs, email is checked only for 'alerts'



Something has changed in the way unraid deal with notifications ?




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I do not understand.

This setting controll  array notification frequency, isn’t it?

You say that it will send notification  regardless the status?

So what the meaning of notification level settings ?


What I need is to check array health once a day, and send email only for failure.

How to achieve that?

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Just now, mika91 said:

You say that it will send notification  regardless the status?

It will send the array status email, independent of array status.


Just now, mika91 said:

So what the meaning of notification level settings ?

Those are for the other notifications, failed disks, hot disks, out of space disks, etc.


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11 hours ago, mika91 said:

Ok, get it now.

So if I want to be email notify about main unraid failures (disks, temp, ...), I only need to check the notification entity 'alerts' checkbox.



How will you know if the emails are getting through? The purpose of the daily test mail is to be sure you can get an "all clear" message. Then if something does need to alert you, you know the email should successfully get to you.


There is a good reason for a daily all ok message, I strongly suggest you turn that back on and use it as confirmation that everything is working as intended.

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