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(SOLVED) Unraid 6.9.2 - Two disks read failed

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I have two disks in my array and my data disk has been disabled with a red X. I did also receive a notification that both drives (data and parity) have read failures (diagnostics-20210415).


A few days ago, I've had a similar issue with just the data disk getting write failures and being disabled (diagnostics-20210413). I rebuilt that disk from parity and a couple days later the above issue happened with two disks. Now, I've also had problems in the past with the cache drive being unmountable and either I had to restore from backups, or managed to successfully run xfs_repair.


For that reason, I suspect a fault with my SATA controller. Can the smart people of the forums confirm this with diagnostics attached or have any other ideas of the possible causes?

sushi-diagnostics-20210415-0858.zip sushi-diagnostics-20210413-1903.zip

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Thanks, I did some googling and I found someone similar issues and their conclusion was power also.


I do have a 2-way Molex power splitter splitting the SATA fan-out power with a fan controller from Aliexpress. So it could be either of those causing issues. I've disconnected the fan controller for now and will monitor for further problems.

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