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  1. I like its ease of use and how extensible it is with Docker containers. I'd like to see in 2020 better overall stability.
  2. Have a look at the GOPUpd tool at https://www.win-raid.com/t892f16-AMD-and-Nvidia-GOP-update-No-requests-DIY.html. It lets you inject the UEFI portion into an existing vBIOS. I dumped the one from my card and injected the UEFI firmware portion (GOP) to the vBIOS. Luckily the GT620 is supported with this tool (GF119). I wasn't able to flash the actual vBIOS to the card with nvflash; it said the EEPROM size was too small to handle both the original vBIOS and the GOP. I haven't tried the passthrough with a non-UEFI VM... so going to try that now with SeaBIOS...
  3. I can confirm this problem still persists with my Gigabyte GT610 SIlent on UnRAID v6.5. I have managed to create my own UEFI BIOS for this card with the GOPUpd tool, but am unable to flash it because of the inherent size limitation of the EEPROM (or so I believe from the nvflash error messages). I am able to passthrough the GPU to my UEFI VM by specifying the BIOS in the VM config, but any shutdown of the guest and trying to reattach the GPU to the same or another guest will crash my whole host system. Disabling the GPU in the VM's Device Manager before shutdown of the guest did no
  4. I have a Microserver Gen8 too and want to passthrough my GPU to my VM. I ended up compiling my own kernel for UnRAID with the RMRR check patched out, as what the Proxmox guys did. Attached is kernel for "Linux 4.14.16-unRAID." Copy 'bzimage-new' into '/boot' and modify your syslinux to use the new kernel. I think this kernel will only work on the specific UnRAID version I'm running right now (v6.4.1). My config as follows (I didn't need to do PCS override or 'vfio_iommu_type1.allow_unsafe_interrupts=1' for me): label unRAID OS (PCIe passthrough - No RMRR chk) menu