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Silverstone 9217-8i Not booting

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Hi I picked up a Silverstone 9217-8i SAS card. ( ECS04 SAS Controller)

Put it in and computer skips bios, and just sits on a black screen with the flashing line on the top left.

From every bit of information I could find it needs to be flashed into IT mode, but no further information on this.


Remove card-system works
Remove UNRAID flash drive and bios reset
Tried multiple PCI-E slots.

Any help is appreciated. 

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5 minutes ago, Dark_Surger said:

did i get the wrong pins?

It is correct, pls recheck the tape status.

If didn't work, I think no way you can fix, wait other person advice.


If you have another PC, pls plug in HBA there to check does this HBA work first.

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In case you are still struggling with this:

I have a Silverstone ECS04 and was having the same issue on boot (cursor only on black screen).

Seems the card came with IR mode firmware from the factory and didn't have any bios installed. I flashed it into IT mode and also flashed an EFI bios. Now it boots.

I believe you can also flash an old style bootbios for non EFI systems.

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HI mate,


Strongly recomend you return this and try and buy one already flashed to IT mode from ebay.

Something like this:



I got my dell H310 from this seller, seems to specalise in these, and they are much cheaper than buying a new card.

If not possible then hopefully someone here can assist you to flash it to IT mode.

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