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ver 6.9.2 - After UNRAID USB plpugged out, and plugged in, config gone, reboot brings back basic screen, reg key missing, App-tab corrupt


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ver 6.9.2


I had to replace my failed UNRAID USB 2 months ago, and I installed UNRAID on a new USB and received the new key (see below).


Today, my UNRAID was running fine. While attempting to take out a data USB drive, I accidentally pulled out UNRAID USB drive. After about an hour, I logged into my UNRAID and saw a white background GUI (I always run dark mode). I put the USB back in and then rebooted several times only to arrive at the same screen. I then saw several issues.


(See all screen shots below)

0. I could not start the array. when I enter password, and click START, nothing happens.

1. On Dashboard you can see I have REGISTRATION: Unraid OS BASIC. (this is OK, I do have this registration)

2. Under tools -> Registration, I see my GUID, and I am asked to Install Key….I used the key I received 2 months ago. 

3. When trying to install that key I received an error.

4. When I click on APPS, I get error message: “Fatal Flash Error”


Can you help me understand what si going on? Why i my registration missing (it’s the same USB with same GUID)?

What should I do now?




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3 hours ago, Squid said:

That's just how it is.  The flash should never be removed.  You need to reboot.  The reboot will be "unclean" because it can't write to the flash drive, but you can simply cancel the parity check.


Very weird.

I rebooted 3 times yesterday. It didn't solve the problem.

I rebooted now and everything is back to normal.

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