So my Nas that was running Unraid suddenly has been reinfected with asmb6 ikvm..... anyone have a suggestion?

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because of this i cannot even get to the bios. It's like an infection.... Did it like undo the IT mode?

My ISP reset my modem last night now this... does anyone know if i need to flash it?

ASUS Motherboard Z9PR-D12 Socket 2011 w/ 2 x Xeon E5-2630 v2 CPU /1U heatsink  20tb HDD 500GB SSD 25 GB flash lol

I am so lost. 

Thank anyone who can give any advice!!


The mobo has 3 ethernet ports. I shut down the ASMB6 through the maintenance and then unplugged the network cable that controls this gui. But from what I read it is either saved in the motherboard or it is attached to something on the motherboard? I cant find a little control unit like they showed. 





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I was able to find this on reddit but they are talking like its a chip that can just be removed. I have the manual open here and i just don't see it.

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4 years ago

ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS mobo doesn't POST when my new ASMB6-iKVM remote management console is installed

The ASMB6-iKVM is a chip that allows one to remotely restart/manage a workstation computer independently of the OS. I recently installed it in my Asus Z9PE-D8 WS mobo. After flashing the firmware, the Q-code diagnostic display on the mobo does an 80 second countdown procedure which allows the chip to initialize. When it finishes it stops at 0. Eventually the display changes to AE, which means "Legacy Boot Event". During this process nothing is outputted to the monitor.

If I remove the ASMB6-iKVM chip the mobo POSTs fine.

This is a pretty specific problem, but if anyone has any insight I'd appreciate it.   "

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2 hours ago, Asteel said:


This is part of the board, it's the IPMI function, it allows accessing the server over LAN without a keyboard/monitor, and not the reason the board is not posting, try clearing CMOS, reinserting the CPU/RAM, etc, if it still doesn't post you need to do an RMA.

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The fix took a few days but included clearing CMOS, removing ram, listening for the chimes... I had to pull the 24pin and 2x 8 pin for it to finally post. Now I am happy as can be.

Thank you all for suggestions and help!

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