Is this possible?

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I know what I won't to do won't be easy at best.


Right now I have a cache array of 4 600GB 15000 RPM SAS drives.  I would like to migrate to an array of 8 480GB SSDs (power usage, speed & sound).  Can I just set every share to be cache yes, move my docker & VM images to the array, run the mover to get everything off the cache array, rebuild my config to not have a cache array then create the new one?

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4 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Yes, just remember that docker and VM services must be disable first, mover won't move open files.

Will do.  Just waiting on the drives to come back from being NAID certified wiped.  I mean, I'd really prefer the 1.92TB SAS SSDs, but they are worth a lot of money.....

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