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  1. Ok, will do. Might not be until January 2nd due to having to move other plans up now
  2. Will a recording of my server's IPMI KVM console help figure out the cause of my RC2 kernel panics on boot?
  3. Anyone have an idea how to get logs from my kernel panics after boot? Nothing written to the flash drive
  4. It is possible I was getting it after it booted, but over IPMI remote console it changed so fast I couldn't to much. 6.9 RC1 is back up and running at least.
  5. Is anyone else getting a kernel panic on boot of RC2? I'm currently rolling back to RC1 due to this.
  6. Got my install sorted out, but if I try to login with my Apple ID I get "Could not communicate with the server." and I did follow the steps to verify it should work.
  7. Got into the macOS recovery utility, but I cannot boot into Big Sur after running it. Keeps rebooting into the recovery utility. I did set FIRSTINSTALL to no.
  8. Follow this File -> Add Connection Check "Connect to remote host over SSH Leave Username as root Set the hostname to the IP of your unRAID box Check "Autoconnect" If you get a prompt for the SSH key, type yes and then click OK Enter your root password and click OK Be confused as the Macinabox VM doesn't yet exist
  9. Can't wait for the video on how to use the new version. Right now I cannot get it added and fumbling through isn't the easiest.
  10. And switching from onboard to my H310 in IT mode made it worse. I’m wondering if it’s the backplane or the SAS cables.
  11. And it just happened on another drive Updated diagnostics attached.
  12. If they are set to never spin down, it doesn't happen. Plus for some reason the drives never spin down even when configured to. Although that is all my drives and I just haven't had time to look at it.
  13. Here are the diagnostics with the array running. But the issue has not occurred since the last reboot as I'm running my monthly parity check.
  14. I have two HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB drives that are acting weird. When they spin down, the appear in the unassigned drives list and no longer work correctly for data. Rebooting ends up causing a parity check the next boot because the reboot stops when attempting to unmount the drives. The drives are hooked up to a Broadcom SAS2208 SAS RAID controller is cross-flashed to a SAS2308-IT mode SAS HBA. HBA is dual linked to a Supermicro backplane in an SC836TQ case and the drives are plugged into it. Prior to the Supermicro case I had all my drives hooked up using breakout cables to both the onbo