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  1. I have a Seagate Enterprise Capacity 6TB drive (ST6000NM0034) that will not spin down. Anything I can provide to help determine why I will do my best to. I see the following in my syslog.
  2. Any idea why I'm getting this from Docker Folders on the VM tab but not the Docker tab?
  3. Last night I went to start a VM I accidentally stopped. I got a "read_folders error. looks like migration is running wild. Please report this on the forums." Rebooted and it is back again today. diagnostics are attached as is a screen shot of the error.
  4. Will do. Just waiting on the drives to come back from being NAID certified wiped. I mean, I'd really prefer the 1.92TB SAS SSDs, but they are worth a lot of money.....
  5. I know what I won't to do won't be easy at best. Right now I have a cache array of 4 600GB 15000 RPM SAS drives. I would like to migrate to an array of 8 480GB SSDs (power usage, speed & sound). Can I just set every share to be cache yes, move my docker & VM images to the array, run the mover to get everything off the cache array, rebuild my config to not have a cache array then create the new one?
  6. Just reinstalled everything and its working fine still. Could it have been the Nvidia plugin not set to update drivers on boot?
  7. I reduced my plugin list to the essentials for me and RC2 now boots. Not sure which one it was, but given that I'm booting I don't care to much.
  8. Here are the plugins I have installed right now. CA Auto Turbo Write Mode CA Backup / Restore Appdata CA Config Editor CA Dynamix Unlimited Width Community Applications disklocation Dynamix Active Streams Dynamic Cache Directories Dynamix Date Time Dynamix File Integrity Dynamix Local Master Dynamix Schedules Dynamix Stop Shell Dynamix System Buttons Dynamix System Information Dynamix System Statistics Enhanced Log Viewer File Activity Fix Common Problems IPMI Support Libvirt Hotplug USB Nerd Tools Nvidia Driver Open Files Preclear Disks rclone Spin Down SAS Drives ssh Plugin Statistics Tips and Tweaks Unassigned Devices Unassigned Devices Plus User Scripts
  9. I'm currently rolling back to RC1 so I can get a list of plugins. I know I have the nVidia driver plugin, could that be it?
  10. Yes, It does boot fine in safe mode. Do I just make a list of my plugins and install them one at a time until I find the one that causes the issue?
  11. Let me try again, but based on memory it still crashes when the array starts (I know for sure it boots fine in normal mode if I do not auto start the array).
  12. 6.9.0-rc1 runs fine on my server, when I upgrade to 6.9.0-rc2 I get a kernel panic shortly after boot (around when the array starts up) every single time. I have attached a video of the crash occurring using the IPMI on my motherboard. Reverting to 6.9.0-rc1 lets it boot without issue. Crash.avi
  13. Ok, will do. Might not be until January 2nd due to having to move other plans up now
  14. Will a recording of my server's IPMI KVM console help figure out the cause of my RC2 kernel panics on boot?