cache pool FS corruption

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hi there, 


Just realized my cache pool is read only due to what looks like a file system corruption. I was hoping to run a file system check so I stopped the array but the server got stuck at unmounting the disks. 


What's my best course of action here with the server stuck at "unmounting" disks? I'd like to get some advise before causing unnecessary damage.


thanks for reading.

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Posted (edited)

so I rebooted the server, started the array in maintenance mode and ran the btrfs check and scrub, resulting in:


Status:           finished
Duration:         0:05:52
Total to scrub:   305.64GiB
Rate:             889.13MiB/s
Error summary:    csum=14
  Corrected:      0
  Uncorrectable:  14
  Unverified:     0


SMART coms back clean but I do see those: 


181	Program fail count total	0x0022	100	100	000	Old age	Always	Never	47244705802


what's the best option here? Replace the drives? 

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7 hours ago, JorgeB said:

It's not a device problem, btrfs is detecting data corruption, most likely the result of you having overclocked RAM (or just bad RAM), see here first:



thanks for your response, 


the RAM was MEMtest stress tested before it was installed in this server but I believe it has XMP enabled, does that count as overclocked under these circumstances? 


this might be a BTRFS specific question but how sever is the corruption? Can it be repaired, given the cache is in Raid1? Wouldn't rebuilding the cache from scratch be a way to rectify the corrupted blocks or are my Appdata backups also corrupted? 






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9 minutes ago, daan_SVK said:

does that count as overclocked under these circumstances? 

It counts as an overclock every time it's above AMD's max officially supported speeds, and it's a known source of data corruption with Ryzen.


10 minutes ago, daan_SVK said:

Can it be repaired, given the cache is in Raid1?

No because usually both copies are corrupted, if it could be a scrub would repair it, this means it can't:


14 hours ago, daan_SVK said:

Uncorrectable: 14


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