UI GRINDS to a halt...

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I'm still dealing with this issue where, sometimes my entire system grinds to a halt.  Any time I see CPU utilization above...say...50%...yea, I know I'm in trouble.

It's so bad that I can't even load the Docker tab (or any other tab for that matter) to shut down Docker containers without clicking and waiting and clicking and waiting over and over until it finally loads.  


Anyone else have this happen?  Anyone know of a way to allocate, say, 4 CPU cores JUST to the unRAID system itself so it ALWAYS has resources?  I have everything pinned out already but this STILL happens.

Any help greatly appreciated...this really is a huge problem as sometimes the thing gets so sluggish that the entire system is basically unusable.

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It seems to affect the Docker tab more than anything.  That and that CPU pinning screen posted above.  Neither will load at all if the CPU utilization is anything over...like...50%.




It just sits at this blank screen and the page "loads" forever.  I have to keep refreshing it until it finally loads.

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I've noticed that, if I try to get into ANYTHING Docker-related, it won't load.  This is when I click the Settings tab (which loads instantly like it should), then click "Docker", it just sits at this screen, "loading"...




...and if I click Dashboard (which also loads instantly like it should), then click the CPU pinning thing, all the CPU pinning loads right up...except for the Docker part!

...it just sits there!

Looks like it's just Docker locking up.  Anyone else have this happen?  Is there a way to un-stuck it?


Thanks, everyone!

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