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So this is where I am having issues


UnRaid - admin1 user(my desktop) / admin2 user(my encoder vm)


inside shares I have Plex Media with admin1/2 both have read/write

So here is the issue

I have all permission from

Server\Plex Media\Movies\Title\title.mkv

I can make change and delete folders but in

Server\Plex Media\TV Shows\Title\Season 1\

I have zero privilege's to make or change files or folders BUT I do under  Server\Plex Media\TV Shows\Title\ where I can make new season folders. What is weird I am encoding on my desktop and its work and the admin2 users has the same permissions and is not working. I keep getting errors permission denied but I do no on admin1. I am stump it was working yesterday but fucking windows updated vm and desktop today and it seems to be broken.


Server\Directory\Sub1\Sub2\Sub3 - I can make/change things but when I do to sub4 inside seasons folders or music disc even with admin it does not allow me. admin2 user/pass is the same login via windows as it is on server even when I mapped the drive i logged in with admin2 user/pass I am 100% stumped and did some ready but have found nothing

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