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  1. after uninstalling CSGO I keep getting this every 10 seconds Jul 30 23:16:03 TOWER nginx: 2019/07/30 23:16:02 [crit] 20037#20037: *579 connect() to unix:/var/tmp/CSGO.sock failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET /dockerterminal/CSGO/ws HTTP/1.1", upstream: "http://unix:/var/tmp/CSGO.sock:/ws", host: "TOWER.local"
  2. I would honestly jump to 8tb it might suck hitting the wallet but space is worth it. I had a 720xd with 12x2tb and it was full after the day I setup the array. I just ordered 4x8tb ST8000NM0055 and im about at 20tb since I finaly backed up my movie collection but havent got around to compression yet. but with my current server build I should be able to upgrade to 8 more drives and would still pay the premium for larger drives since for me I will not have to upgrade for quiet some years. So save yourself the headache and get the bigger drives even though drive prices are falling quick because of sizes but purchasing more drives often is not cheaper than bigger drives now
  3. I am currently running 4 ST8000NM0055 currently have everything running in my r420 but am moving everything to a desktop NAS since I am downsizing my homelab. I am wondering for those out there that have done this what breakout cables have you ran for you LSI HBA's. I keep seeing a lot of mixed reviews on almost all the breakout cables I been looking at. Is it worth it going from SAS to SATA adapter than using SAS breakout and sata power or SAS 36pin SFF-8087 to (4) 29pin SFF-8482. Just looking for best options that have worked for others running unraid.
  4. I love UnRaid by far easiest thing to get up and running for home NAS. Currently starting my 2nd one for my wifes PC. This whill be attached to the TV since mostly all she does is word and internet browsing. Current Hardware: CASE: Lian Li PC-A79X MotherBoard: ASUS Sabertooth X79 CPU: E5-2690V2 RAM: 8x16GB DDR3 1333 HDD: All the old one laying around from 2TB to 500GB (Upgrading Overtime) GPU: 2 OLD AMD R7900 going to upgrade to Nvidia P1000 HBA: LSI 9201-16i I had the whole thing under water last time and probably going to do it again. The only thing is just need to buy hard fittings for hard tube. I have almost everything else in my old water cooling bin to finish out 2 whole computers. It's time to utilize it or loose it. My only issue is that I haven't read much on AMD Video cards with unraid. Most of my old ones are AMD I made the switch with the 980 Ti came out.
  5. if you have a dock like I do for secure erasing hard drives before sending them out to the ewaste. Try deleting the drives format and useing windows the run check disk or wd check disk tool to verify its not bad drive or lost of bad sectors.
  6. So after a week I haven't had the issue again. I have updated the Forum Header to reflect.
  7. Under Network Settings > Advanced View > Enable server support for IPv6 uncheck it. I haven't had a single issues since its been unchecked I will repoort back in a few days/week to report if it is still not throwing the error
  8. Seems to be plex. once i checked disable ipv6 it stopped but I will wait a few days and see what it does once I have to restart the server again.
  9. I have been chasing this down for the past few days and I am still stumped. I have removed all apps and turned off docker and vm and still keep getting this. I have tried searching and I keep coming up empty handed. Seems to be going off every hour to 50 minutes and I am new to unraid their is no file or folder gcsp and when i try to figure out what uses that I come up empty handed on google search. Jul 11 20:29:26 SERVERHOSTNAME apcupsd[8972]: NIS server startup succeeded Jul 11 20:32:15 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: req (3): cmd=/plugins/user.scripts/backgroundScript.sh&arg1=/tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/UPS/script&csrf_token=**************** Jul 11 20:32:15 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/user.scripts/backgroundScript.sh /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/UPS/script Jul 11 20:32:33 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: req (4): csrf_token=****************&title=Log+Information&cmd=%2Fplugins%2Fuser.scripts%2FshowLog.php&arg1=UPS Jul 11 20:32:33 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/user.scripts/showLog.php UPS Jul 11 20:34:19 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: req (5): cmdStartMover=Move+now&csrf_token=**************** Jul 11 20:34:19 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: shcmd (117): /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null & Jul 11 20:49:47 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: req (6): cmd=/plugins/community.applications/scripts/pluginInstall.sh&arg1=remove&arg2=disklocation-master.plg&csrf_token=**************** Jul 11 20:49:47 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/community.applications/scripts/pluginInstall.sh remove disklocation-master.plg Jul 11 20:49:47 SERVERHOSTNAME root: plugin: running: anonymous Jul 11 20:49:50 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: req (7): csrf_token=****************&title=System+Log&cmd=%2FwebGui%2Fscripts%2Ftail_log&arg1=syslog Jul 11 20:49:50 SERVERHOSTNAME emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/tail_log syslog Jul 11 21:12:28 SERVERHOSTNAME root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token Jul 11 21:12:28 SERVERHOSTNAME root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token Jul 11 21:12:28 SERVERHOSTNAME root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token Jul 11 21:12:28 SERVERHOSTNAME root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token Jul 11 21:12:29 SERVERHOSTNAME root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token Jul 11 21:12:29 SERVERHOSTNAME root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token Jul 11 21:12:29 SERVERHOSTNAME root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token
  10. I never installed SNMP but I keep getting t he error when trying to install docker. I have tried looking up everywhere and cant even see anything using the port
  11. Holy crap that makes complete since. I only use the cache drive for transfer files faster to the array since my movie library took hours because it dropped to 25mb
  12. System: Dell PowerEdge R420 H310 - Flashed IT 128GB Ram 4x8TB Seagate Exos 7E8 | ST8000NM0075 (1 Parity 3 Data) 1x Samsung 860 Pro (Cache) I just build my unraid server about a week ago and yesterday I do my SSD. Once I added the SSD and changed the "Used Disk Cache" to only. Got everything moved over to the cache drive and they still show unprotected. I even ran a complete parity, went in via console and ssh and the files all all on the cache drive. I am stumped on why they are still showing unprotected. I have ran CA User Scripts and CA Fix and everything as it should.