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  1. In theory you could have 2 unraid servers in your box. 28+2 (Pro) and than run a VM use Hypervisor to passthrough the other 6 drives to unraid(hyper) or windows storage server or just have 2 unraid servers in hypervisor both with 18 drives
  2. Well rebuilding them fixed the issue Apr 21 03:05:39 TittieS root: /etc/libvirt: 1.8 GiB (1933770752 bytes) trimmed on /dev/loop3 Apr 21 03:05:39 TittieS root: /var/lib/docker: 20.2 GiB (21677744128 bytes) trimmed on /dev/loop2 Apr 21 03:05:39 TittieS root: /mnt/disks/vmssd: 435.7 GiB (467811647488 bytes) trimmed on /dev/sdo1 Apr 21 03:05:39 TittieS root: /mnt/disks/plexssd: 457.8 GiB (491516846080 bytes) trimmed on /dev/sdn1 Apr 21 03:05:39 TittieS root: /mnt/cache: 880.3 GiB (945247129600 bytes) trimmed on /dev/nvme0n1p1
  3. Well I went and just rebuilt the docker and libvirt we will see once nightly trim comes if I still get error
  4. honestly that has been the docker size since I started unraid server last year. I just haven't shrunk it but last time I checked it was running 12gb. Probably should shrink it I might if today when I get off work and move the containers back to cache delete it and remake it if this continues to give errors. HBA is update and supports TRIM so only thing I can think of is from moving drives it somewhere lost some bytes and giving me nothing but headaches.
  5. that is weird because the controller does support ssd trim. I am just wondering it is not liking the fact that is pasted through to vmssd on unassigned devices and rather be in cache but id rather have my 62gb docker image off the cache and on the ssd but who knows titties-diagnostics-20200420-0347.zip
  6. I have scrubbed both nothing is showing bad. I do have them on vmssd and not on cache im going to try and move them to cache and off vmssd if i get the same warning in the morning. I am puzzled that does smart check on ssd's nothing scrub nothing but still get this error
  7. So here is the issue. I have replaced my cache with 2x1TB NVME and use other 2 I had for plex metadata and vm storage. Whenever the Dynamix SSD TRIM is ran I get these errors but all the ssd/nvme ssd are not in the array. I have searched and really am stumped for the damn of me cannot figure out what dev loop2/3 are and whats causing the errors.
  8. Titus

    BOO - ECC Dead

    Seems to me that it is now time to replace that DIMM. I did take it out and reseat it in the same slot. When I upgraded my PDB in my CSE-864. Going to switch it from DIMMB1 to DIMMA1 to see if it follows the DIMM or the slot I just got a RTX 4000 today too 12020/04/02 10:47:43OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 22020/04/02 10:47:44OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 32020/04/02 10:47:46OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 42020/04/02 10:47:47OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 52020/04/02 10:53:41OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 62020/04/02 10:53:43OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 72020/04/02 10:58:57OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 82020/04/02 10:58:58OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 92020/04/02 10:58:58OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 102020/04/02 10:58:59OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 112020/04/02 11:10:38OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 122020/04/02 11:10:40OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 132020/04/02 11:10:42OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 142020/04/02 11:10:44OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 152020/04/02 11:10:46OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 162020/04/02 11:10:48OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 172020/04/02 11:10:50OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 182020/04/02 11:10:51OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 192020/04/02 11:10:52OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 202020/04/02 11:10:53OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 212020/04/02 11:10:54OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 222020/04/02 11:10:55OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted 232020/04/02 11:10:56OEMMemoryCorrectable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted
  9. so I just precleared 8 new drives they all show 45gb data used but nothing is on them. Bug or the amount of writes it did to zero out the drive
  10. Honestly I have purchased a license just for myself and I use it on ever server and computer before I do anything to it. Kinda worth it. Unraid gets the free one that works but its simple. Some things are worth buying for safe keeping.
  11. For me I would love this only because I get SAS drives at cost from work so I save money by going with SAS drives. Currently my setup is 8x8TB and 6x6TB with 2x500GB (Unassigned) i drwa about 270 watt just chilling and about 340watt doing folding at home. I just got a RTX 4000 to replace the P2000. So I am pretty sure my power draw is going to go up
  12. Welp ran into an issue. Current Config in signature but when I setup fan speed control hard drive temps return 0* or when it was 27* drive was reading 54* really trying to get why the hd temp is off so much
  13. seems like they need a little upgrade themselves
  14. Keep getting these errors on loading docker or restart of server and reload docker errors.txt
  15. One would think since they are both sas drives they both wouldn't work but seems these are OLD and probably unsupported