[Got this working see post] [Q] Assistance in setting up Nitter (privacy twitter) Docker from DockerHub

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Hello All,

I have been looking at Nitter, basically a privacy focused twitter. https://github.com/zedeus/nitter

It can be utilised along with RSS readers to give you a relatively nice, privacy focused twitter experience.


I am running this within a VM just fine under docker however am unsure on how to move forward.

the onliner in for running docker straight within a VM was - 

docker run -v $(pwd)/nitter.conf:/src/nitter.conf -d -p 8080:8080 zedeus/nitter:latest


did have a crack in pulling in the docker from docker hub in CA.


i had a play with the template.


I setup variables = PUID = 99, PGID = 100

Host Port = 80 (Container Port: 80)

Appdata config path = /mnt/user/appdata/nitter (Container path: /config)


Within the github - https://github.com/zedeus/nitter


It mentions that it needed a nitter.conf which I had placed within /mnt/user/appdata/nitter prior to first running of the docker. The container starts however no webgui is generated.


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So i tried again and seem to have this working.


I have attached some pictures to anyone who is playing along at home. I am unsure of its stability at this time. However if there is interest I may learn how to publish it to CA for others to enjoy.


the appdata variable is set to the container /config


I was able to use the reverse proxy to provide ssl which also works nice.


There is a config file which i describe in the descrption that I have written in the box that gets cut off so ill post the contents of that into here.

Description=Nitter (An alternative Twitter front-end)


# set user and group

# configure location




you could change the port 8282 to whatever may suit your host ports




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