JBOD/DAS, will drives spin down? Will unraid turn on DAS/JBOD?

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I've made a few posts here in regards to a jbod vs full system or what jbod etc.... I've settled on a JBOD/DAS type of setup, but I have a few questions before making that decision final.


Will the disks still spin down if they are not being used? If so, will this be common between let's say a SuperMicro JBOD (not a full system setup) or a Netapp DS4246 or DS4486?


The other aspect I thought about was making sure the JBOD was turned on prior to booting up unraid. This kind of seems like something that would need to be done manually. Is there a way around the manual aspect or is this something that happens when the "parent" machine turns on?


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They will spin down with a Supermicro JBOD (or similar direct connect JBDO) they should also spin down with Netapp, but you should search for that, and SAS devices might not spin down even with the plugin.

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