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  1. That did the trick. There was quite a bit more in the .conf file after re-installing it. The config page for the docker also didn't show the PUID GUID either. A few changes. I've had the same install probably not long after you initially released the docker.
  2. @spants Yes, they are all there. I have done everything suggested in the forum/thread here. I'm quite stumped on this. I'm thinking of nuking the whole thing. Deleting the image and the appdata folder for MQTT and installing again from scratch. I don't think there is much in the folder itself that would need to be saved. Without persistence, I think it would just be the mosquito.conf and the passwords.mqtt. I could manually open those with nano and copy the contents.
  3. After updating Unraid to 6.10 today, I was unable to start MQTT. 1653129413: mosquitto version 1.4.8 (build date 2020-01-27 00:25:20+0000) starting 1653129413: Config loaded from /config/mosquitto.conf. 1653129413: Error: Unable to open pwfile "/config/passwords.mqtt". 1653129413: Error opening password file "/config/passwords.mqtt". 1653129593: Error: Unable to open log file /config/log/mosquitto.log for writing. 1653129593: mosquitto version 1.4.8 (build date 2020-01-27 00:25:20+0000) starting 1653129593: Config loaded from /config/mosquitto.conf. 1653129593: Error: Unable to open pwfile "/config/passwords.mqtt". 1653129593: Error opening password file "/config/passwords.mqtt". I have probably 25 other dockers that didn't have an issue. I've had this MQTT docker installed for years and never ran into this. I checked the GUI UID in the settings and they're proper. I did attempted to do a chown -R, but that was unsuccessful. I am also unable to access the mqtt folder through the Windows Network share on a remote machine on the network. I can access any other folders. I find this a bit strange, any ideas? I have a lot of things that run through MQTT, so it is quite important to get back up and running.
  4. I have haproxy on pfsense and am trying to setup Authelia. It is a real bear to get to work. I've been following this: I know I'm extremely close to having it work. I attempted this about a year or more ago and couldn't get it. I came across the above post a few days ago and thought I would give it another "whack"
  5. Has anyone ever seen this before? It has stumped me for a couple days now: time="2022-03-13T09:26:36-07:00" level=error msg="Scheme of target URL //synoscgi.sock/ must be secure since cookies are only transported over a secure connection for security reasons" method=HEAD path=/api/verify remote_ip= stack=" VerifyGet.func1\ AutheliaMiddleware.func1.1\ (*Router).Handler\ LogRequestMiddleware.func1\ (*Server).serveConn\ (*workerPool).workerFunc\ (*workerPool).getCh.func1\nruntime/asm_amd64.s:1581 goexit" I know it is a configuration type of thing and not the actual docker, but I was hoping for any kind of additional clues at all
  6. Has anyone successfully been able to run DSM 7.01? I have tried and tried without success. The build supposedly happens successfully, however I'm not convinced. Yes, I can not get to the gui via the IP nor can I ping it, but I'm not convinced everything else went right up to that point. I think that perhaps some of the "extensions" needed are not available and hence something needs changed in the XML. I have tried every single bus type and tried USB with this same result below. The other reason I think that the image is not properly being added to the "media" is because the allocation only shows 4k. Any ideas?
  7. I just turned it off for now since I'm not using it at the moment. I do plan to soon, so I will check on this. Thank you
  8. Is it normal for this docker to create entries in the log every few seconds or so? I just worry about the log size and if there is a possible issue causing this.
  9. Yeah, there are many different ways you can configure them. I looked at the photos/configs when I initially got the unit and didn't see anything referencing connecting the two IOM modules on the same shelf together.
  10. That what I had originally thought as well, but had read a thread somewhere saying someone connected the two IOM6 modules. There were no details or additional information, so he/she may definitely be wrong. Figured I would look into it and see if anyone knew or if I could find supporting documentation. @JorgeB Thanks for always answering pretty much all my questions lately. I've just been doing a lot of restructuring and updating decade old equipment from when I first got started with unraid.
  11. With the netapps, they have two IOM6 modules. I currently have an HBA that is connected to the top module's "square" marked QSFP+ port (I think that's the cable, my memory can't remember everything, lol). That's the only cable I have hooked to the whole thing. Should I then connect the top module's "circle" port to the bottom modules "square" port? If so, will this increase write speed to the array/disks (pooled devices, not in the unraid array)? Or is this more of a redundancy thing? or none of the above.
  12. Yes, I completely agree. I am mounting the shares in the clients fstab.
  13. I have a couple windows machines and the transfer speeds to the smb shares are always 100MB/s +. I setup nfs and also smb on ubuntu, but the speeds are roughly half that of a windows machine.. From windows, I'm basically saturating the gig speeds. It's not a bad cable as I have multiple ubuntu installs that have the same issue. Surely, I'm needing to add a parameter to the fstab file. Any ideas or anyone willing to share their fstab line for their share (nfs or cifs) that gets gig transfer speeds?
  14. It is the SAS2-EL2. It was very difficult to see and even then it was a blurry image through my phone camera.
  15. I just checked the global settings and while you can set it to SAT, you can not specify "12" in the global setting. My guess is that it wouldn't work properly. Luckily, this will get fixed in the next release.