"No listing: Too many files" and Time Machine on Mac OS X

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Can't view the 'bands' directory that Time Machine creates as part of a .sparsebundle


In general, I'm finding Unraid and Mac OS backups to be just suck.


Carbon Copy Cloner also dies most times saying the filesystem isn't responding. 


I just think Unraid in general chokes on too many files/dirs. I have two storj nodes running so that is perhaps part of it. I'm sure it has a fiar amount of open files. That said, storj works fine. 


Any ideas for this issue? 16 gigs of RAM, gigabit, Xeon X3440 with ECC. Should be a fine system for these few things. No media being served.






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Where are you getting that error message? Mac OS finder when browsing the TM share? Or from Time Machine itself? Can you browse the same directory from the unraid console?

If it’s the latter, attach diagnostics to the next post and someone may be able to tell what’s going on

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