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  1. I swapped the disk out for another one and no problems noted since.
  2. Recheck said 0 errors but was not present in the history button. Is this normal if you don't write corrections? Running another one.
  3. ECC. Dell T310H....have to see if there's a way to view status of the chips on you know it? Recheck of parity passed 0 errors.
  4. As I continue to research....hopefully this helps someone else: P is parity in the array and Q is parity 2 I presume? So, if Parity had no errors, and only 6 errors corrected on Parity 2, then I guess just monitor the situation? Absent of anything else? Theories as to what would cause errors only on Parity 1 and not Parity 2? Assuming I'm reading this correctly? Minor note...KINDA feel like Parity should be named Parity 1 if you have a Parity 2....TBC.
  5. I found this in the syslog, but doesn't help me much...matches the '6' count but how do I tell what disk these are on? May 2 00:03:34 BlackTower kernel: md: recovery thread: Q corrected, sector=32757816 May 2 00:12:46 BlackTower kernel: md: recovery thread: Q corrected, sector=125990984 May 2 00:20:01 BlackTower sSMTP[20691]: Creating SSL connection to host May 2 00:20:01 BlackTower sSMTP[20691]: SSL connection using TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 May 2 00:20:04 BlackTower sSMTP[20691]: Sent mail for (221 2.0.0 closing connection i130sm2031438oif.49 -
  6. I turned off 'write corrections to disk' in the scheduled now. Of course, I don't know what to suspect, since I have zero errors in Main, Pending Sectors, or SMART thumbs down... Is there a log or is this just that time when a cosmic particle hit my parity disks and the data on the data drives is fine?
  7. Disk 5 has 199 UDMA_CRC_Error_Count -O--CK 200 200 000 - 30 No pending sectors that I saw. Array has not been shut down (19 day uptime) so the error count on the main screen is accurate (0). Sooo....what now?
  8. Dual disk parity. I had correcting selected in the scheduler section for Parity Check. Diagnostics attached but I'll look at them shortly but jump in. NO disks have errors on the Main screen (all zeroes) and Smart data is all thumbs up. So, do I have an issue? Seems like a small one, if so. Running another check now, NON correcting.
  9. It *APPEARS* that backing up to a sparesbundle works better. I had a straight backup (copy this hard drive to this folder on Unraid) fail after 3.5 hrs. The SIMULTANEOUS operation, verifying a backup to a sparsebundle, is still going after just shy of 4 hrs. I started this one about 20 minutes after the failed one. One thought: since the sparsebundle uses bands, I presume the amount of files in each directory is lower than could be in the hard drive backup. Of course, no way to tell if it's the OS, CCC or Unraid. One thing we CAN be
  10. if SMB didn't suck enough already. Still on 6.8.3 here on Dell T310 and it's dropping the connection during a Carbon Copy Cloner backup. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. Fairly small backup, something like under 500GB over GigE.
  11. Working. Steps I took: Rremoved container Updated Community Apps Hit Download Hit Apply Appears to load faster too but that could have been because of errors.
  12. You don't need two email accounts. You can send it to your gmail address, i.e., use the same @gmail account in both fields.
  13. Two 4TB drives in a DS4246 did fine on preclear but then rebuilding parity on to both (parity 2) failed with 800+ and 1200+ errors. 27 hr preclear ran and passed. # # Step 1 of 5 - Pre-read verification: [9:04:53 @ 122 MB/s] SUCCESS # # Step 2 of 5 - Zeroing the disk: [8:41:36 @ 127 MB/s] SUCCESS # # Step 3 of 5 - Writing unRAID's Preclear signature: SUCCESS # # Step 4 of 5 - Verifying unRAID's Preclear signature: SUCCESS # # Step 5 of 5 - Post-Read verification: [9:04:38 @ 122 MB/s] SUCCESS # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #################################################
  14. And this is why I haven't upgraded to 6.9.0 yet... Q: Anyone use alternate firmware or have a way to even update the firmware on a Netapp X2065A-R6? It works but per another post, two preclears worked on with this card on a DS4246 but then rebuilding both 4TB drives as Parity 2 failed and the drives got red X'd. So I figure I'd try to update firmware perhaps. Preclear ran for 27 hours and completed successfully so it's a bit of a puzzler to me. Running a preclear now using the internal backplane on my T310. So far, 4 hrs in and it looks fine.