Looking for a Nagios type tool to restart unresponsive docker images

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Occasionally, I get a docker image that quits responding. I restart it and everything is fine. I'm a little familiar with Nagios from my work. I'm looking for something similar but don't necessarily need it to be as robust. I also don't see Nagios on CA, so there's that. I just need to monitor the docker containers and restart them if the don't respond to a ping after a certain amount of time. I could make a simple script for this but would rather not spend the time if I don't have to. Is there anything on CA that will do this? Uptime Kuma looks like it might work but I don't its capabilities. It looks like it will notify me but not take action.

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You can tell it to search the docker hub. Should be nagios hits there.

Go into apps.

Lower left click settings.

Enable additional search results from dockerHub. Change to yes


Then do your search. There should then be a No matching app found. Do you want more results from docker hub.


Click that and it will search all of docker hub.

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