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  1. Thank you for looking Jorge. I too suspect it to be hardware failing. Since its weird (symptoms that don't really point at one specific component) I have ordered a new mobo & ram. Likely if those two dont fix it, then its the power supply or cpu. Doubt its the cpu or ram but I will see. Thank you for the link to configuring a syslog server. I will give that a shot. Point it at my syno nas. I will also come back and update the thread once I get something one way or the other in a few days.
  2. Hello, Ive been happily running my server without any serious issues for some time now. Roughly 2 weeks ago I upgraded the ram from 32 to 64gb (matching manufacturer & same kit but bought at different times) Recently upgraded from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2 Other than a container that I had to re-install I have not seen any other issues with that upgrade. This morning I woke up to no plex or network access to the server or any of its containers. The pc was on and appeared to be running normally. However I have no video card installed (its headless due to needing the l
  3. Hello. Ive looked through many of the pages in this thread looking for my answer. Currently i have access via http. I am unable to figure out how to access the gui via https. Container variables as default settings. Port 1 8989 Port 2 9897 I assumed 9897 was for https. In sonarr container i set https and put that port in. Saved the settings. Then restarted the container. I can still only access rhe gui via http. http://<host ip>:8989 Fine https://<host ip>:8989 fails https://<host ip>:9897 fails
  4. I have skimmed through this now lengthy 71 pages of support and would like to ask (that which has probably been asked but I didnt find). Where in the gui of ruTorrent can I verify that my vpn (nord) is actually connected? I know I applied my user creds set in the container variables but I was hoping to see something in the gui "vpn connected" or in the Settings. Looking in the container logs I can see where it initially connected but I would prefer to get a gui notification or confirmation of the vpn status rather than having to periodically hitting the container logs to