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  1. Gotcha, the info is indeed being shown in the syslog. Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Hi, the command mount -o remount -o space_cache=v2 /mnt/cache doesn't seem to do anything. i've checked and mnt/cache should be correct.. Anybody any ideas? Should I even see something happening? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello everyone, I've updated the Sonarr docker on unRaid and suddenly I keep getting the following error: Couldn't import episode /data/completed/Series/showivedownloaded.mkv: Access to the path is denied. I can see Sonarr copying the file to the destination, which is an unassigned drive by the way, but when it's basically complete I get the error above. I worked fine before I updated. Anybody has any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm having an issue with the plugin. After deleting a test folder and file, it shows in the log (I enabled 'Log deleted files'). It doesn't show the .Recycle.Bin folder on any of my shares. I deleted the test folder and file from a windows 10 PC which had the share mapped as network drive. I also cannot figure out how to navigate to the mentioned "//Tower/share/.Recycle.Bin.". I assumed the name Tower has to be changed to the name i've set on my server, and the name of my share in the '/share/' part. I cannot figure out why it will not create and/or add deleted files to the recycle bin. PS: the 'show hidden folders' option is checked in Windows Explorer. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hmm, I see. That's unfortunate. The thing is, there is nowhere near enough disk activity to keep them spun up. The main reason I want to keep them spun up is the access time. I really can't stand when I need to wait 20-ish seconds for a network share (in this case movies/tv shows) to load. I do not use the cache_dirs plugin by the way I'ts not a real issue that the spin down timer can't be changed in the UD plugin as long as there is another way through a script or different plugin. So back to my main question: Is it possible to force my unassigned drives that are mounted, to never spin down? Again thanks in advance and for your fast reply!
  6. I'm not sure which specific best practice you are referring to. I can't find an obvious reason but that could be my inexperience speaking
  7. Hello all, I've recently built my first unRaid server and am pleased with most of the functionality it offers. One thing I cannot find is the possibility to prevent unassigned drives from spinning down. I use 2 seperate drives as media sources for plex that really do not need to be in my array, but I want to keep them spinning for various reasons. I've installed the Unassigned devices plugin to use/share/mount them which works as intented, but unfortunately it does not offer me this option. Does anybody know a plugin or script to force these drives to never spin down? PS: my old server which ran on Windows Home Server 2011 did this through a simple program called nosleepHD, drives have 65000+ hours on and this worked flawlessly. Thanks in advance! Orrin