Download Failure (Network Failure)

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So, I've fried my brain trying to understand how I broke the thing, but at first my server didn't have internet (unlike every other device on the lan but it could ping the router and do all lan tasks. Eventually i was trying to fix it after the app tab told me to change the dns server to and that fixed it, and now reverting the settings it's still fixed? ping google check browse apps check download app s I run unifi for my home network.Atkinson_NetworkSettings.pdf where to start? image.png.7d02a7647f3fff00985954943b323e7c.pngimage.thumb.png.0c7ba3d7027e305642ec6b5b37237d42.pngimage.thumb.png.7316804bdc6ac651fc3f5be7d17c2dbb.png

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Your network is somehow blocking the server from connecting to any of these online repos for downloads.  Try connecting directly to your gateway to see if that works and if so, you know its a Unifi issue.

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