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Attempting to Pass-Through ASUS Aura Controller to Windows 10

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Hi all,


So my UnRaid server has finally been running exactly as I desire it too over the last couple months, with my final upgrade in the past week to the GPU it will have for the foreseeable future. Now I’m down to dealing with some house keeping items and one of those is my RGB setup (because we all know RGB increases array read and write speeds! 😝). I’m running an ASUS X570 Impact DTX board with on-board ASUS Aura controlling two RGB fans and an EK waterblock plus all the motherboard lighting (so I can’t just use another USB only controller). I’ve been trying to pass this controller through to my primary Windows 10 VM so that the Aura software can control my lighting, but despite getting the Aura controller to show up in my electable USB device list in Windows using device ID pass-through of the single device with the name from the PCI-E device list (note that even having forced breakout of PCI-E groups for other purposes, it still shares it’s group with some other devices so I can’t pass through the whole PCI-E group) the ASUS software is claiming to not see the controller when I attempt to start it.


I would of course love to control this just natively in UnRaid so I don’t need to start my VM to have my lighting the way I want, but I would love to even just have that work at this point. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can either handle this natively within UnRaid, or get it to properly pass through to control in Windows? Thanks in advance for any tips!

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