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is this build good?


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Agree, I should have given more information.

For now it gonna replace an older standard computer that is just used for: plex, downloading, blue iris, twitch/youtube. 

Might move in home assistant to it.


Are there parts in the list that stands out that should be replaced? What parts is overkill? 


I'm trying to get a grip around the hardwares these days but it's seems it is to hard for me. I like the builds that they do at the tech builders guru but they are only gaming builds. Can't find any other guides.



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19 hours ago, Obelix said:

used for: plex, downloading, blue iris, twitch/youtube. 

Might move in home assistant to it.

If you don't game then you won't need a stand-alone video card.

You also won't need a power hungry processor paired with water cooling (unless you "want" it) and X299 board, or 750W PSU.

What is your plan for 4 NVME cards?

I haven't been keeping up with BlueIris... Isn't it still only working on an Intel iGPU (Quick Sync)?

The processor on your list doesn't come with internal graphics.

Do you run Plex with hardware acceleration enabled?

Asking, since you probably will have no choice but to run BlueIris in a Virtual Machine environment.

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Quick Sync is a recommendation not a requirement.

I don't know if I run Plex with hardware acceleration.


I like to think that the build is for future project but if I'm gonna be hones that probly never happens.


Where can I find guides for a build that suits my needs?

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