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Translate of page title in Settings?


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When a plugin creates its own .page file, it can have all the necessary translations for that page, including the title of that page.


You need to create a translation file with the appropriate name to get translations automatically included.


For example the URL for the File Integrity settings is http://tower/Settings/FileIntegrity

Then the file fileintegrity.txt holds the translations of that page.


A number of plugins do this already, you might want to look at these.

Of course plugins themselves must be written to support translations.

There is a guideline document, but can't find it at the moment.




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My plugin is already multi-language support compatible so I’ve already tried putting the title into the translation file but the title does not seem to get translated which is why I was asking.    I have all the prompts, etc on the page being translated correctly - just not managed to get it for the title.

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