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unraid kernel node segfault - what does it mean?

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hi guys,


yesterday this error suddenly appeared in my logs:

SILOmetalico kernel: node[3742]: segfault at 380ea0440008 ip 0000000000db8cf3 sp 0000148d7f8fea00 error 4 in node[400000+26b3000]


first occurrence was yesterday afternoon 16:28, after that it appears 3 more times at different (random?) times of the day.


wondering if anyone seen this before and knows what this error means.


unraid still seems to be running fine, no strange behaviour but i'm afraid to try restarting the server in case it won't boot up, and nobody would be able to help because I didn't take the logs before rebooting.


should i be worried about this error?


here are the diagnostics-





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