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Unriad Server Not Showing Up on Network

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As the title suggests, I cannot access the GUI for my unraid server because I cannot see it on my network to access the IP address. I recently had to factory reset my router because of some internet issues that were occurring where I couldn't even access the network, so I couldn't even log into the server to shut it down.


After the factory reset, the Unraid IP address does not show up in my network at all. The Server IP itself, where I log into the iDRAC settings (DellR720) shows up and I can get into that, but cannot find my unraid IP address. I am using a Mac locally to access the server via web GUIO, and am not as IT savy as many of you others. What should I do? How can I get into the Web GUI?



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39 minutes ago, ChatNoir said:

It is possible that your router assigned the different IP address to Unraid after the factory reset.


Is your server visible in your router management interface ?

 The r720 Server is, but not the Unraid Server running off it. They both have historically had different IP addresses, and i would always log into the unraid one. I knew it would reassign a new IP address, but in the router interface the unraid server isn't showing upa s a connected device. Everything else on the network is, both Ethernet and wifi. The unraid server is Ethernet, obviously, so i have tried different router ports and it still wont show.

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32 minutes ago, trurl said:

Are you using DHCP, or are you trying to force Unraid to use a static IP that might not be on the subnet with your router after the reset?

I am using DHCP, yes. I know this because in the past, when I moved from ISP router to Unifi router, and back, just for separate testing purposes (not related to assigning IP addresses) my NAS would show up on my network with its new assigned IP address. In the past, it would just show up on the network, with a different IP address,a nd I would use my router interface to find out what it was and log into it from there. I didn't do this more than once, as it was mostly just speed comparison testing, but it at least would show up int he past. THe only thing different this time is the factory reset, but can't see Unraid IP address. 

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