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Parity Rebuild causes millions of disk errors

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I have been trying to add a parity disk for almost 3 months now but it seems there is always an issue with this. Previously I used some sata ports on the motherboards which definitely caused some problems with un-mountable disks, seemingly failing disks and even data corruption. Parity rebuild would be so slow it would take over a year to complete. I have now added 16-port Adaptec 71605 controller in HBA mode and for a few days now no errors and all drives work perfectly with no smart errors or any indication of failing at all.


The issue is that as soon as I added a parity disk I had millions of errors in a few seconds on 4 of the disks. Trying to browse it showed "No listing: Too many files" though I did see some root folders just nothing listed under them.




I tried stopping the array and then disk 6 was actually missing from the system entirely. Rebooting allowed me to mount all drives as normal with no apparent corruption or un-mountable disks. Starting parity check again worked for a few minutes with all drives being read/written from/to at their max speed but few minutes later millions of errors on 2 of the drives again. Disk 9 was missing this time until reboot. What is going on here?



System has 400W PSU and no issues during boot with even 12 drives attached (now 10) so unlikely to be power related. Parity disk is new and like all disks have been pre-cleared. No SMART errors and no disk errors (since HBA installed). I am lost as to what else this could be...


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Syslog posted only show errors on disk7, but errors like that on multiple disks are usually a power/connection problem, see if those four disks share anything, like a miniSAS cable or power splitter, 400W for 12 disks is also low, if changing cables doens't help you should try with a more powerful PSU.

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