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[SOLVED] Unable to boot unraid with new usb


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About 3 weeks ago I built a new home server, ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus motherboard, and started a trial of Unraid.  Today the flash drive I was using while initially testing appears to have died.  I already purchased a new flash drive to use after I purchased a license.  I have a backup of my config I used with the Unraid USB creator and am having trouble booting since the prior flash drive died.   

I have 2 USB boot options in the BIOS: 
USB (15.3GB) 
UEFI: USB, Partition 1 (15.3GB)  


Booting to "USB (15.3GB)" results in: 

Remove disks or other media. 
Press any key to restart. " 


Booting to "UEFI: USB, Partition 1 (15.3GB)" results in a blank screen (no cursor). 


After the BIOS splash screen, Unraid never actually loads.  The web GUI is not accessible and I cannot ping the server. 

To test: 

  • I tried creating the bootable USB with "Allow UEFI" enabled and disabled (though I'm pretty sure it was enabled in my original setup) using my backup. 
  • I tried a different flash drive. 
  • Tried booting flash drives from different USB ports. 
  • I tried a "clean" install, not using a backup, and am having the same results.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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